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Department of Commerce

The study of Commerce is useful for all who are engaged in commercial occupations, whether it is in trade or in one of the services ancillary to trade. Commerce as a subject of study can however fulfill a wider purpose than the merely tilitarian. It can provide a valuable introduction to a later study of other discipline in which students are often handicapped by the lack of knowledge of the facts of commerce. 


"Commerce is to convert the threats in to opportunities and add value to the existing wealth". Inspired by the above quotation, the department is including itself for the upliftment of the students and help them to overcome their own internal negatives and challenges from the external world. It is the mission of the department to strengthen the student's inner qualities and manifest them to the environment in which they are.According to Peter.F. Drucker "The best way to predict the future is to credit". Entilightened by the above statement by the management guru. The department is in the attempt to create the students future at present with the help of the qualified personalities in the department. The teachers in the department engage themselves in the conduct of the lectures /classes with the techniques which add some more than what their syllabus cannot. The examples being seminars, group discussions, industrial visits, projects, etc.

Courses Offered:

B.Com: This degree shall be called Bachelor of Commerce. This degree course is started during the academic year 1991-92. The duration of the B.com Programme of study is three years. At present the optional subject selected for this degree is Computer Application. All papers carry 80 marks for written examination and 20 marks for internal assessment. Since the academic year 2001-02, B.Com programme has undergone major changes. The changes include the introduction of internal assessment for 20% of the total marks which consists of practical records, attendance and academic performances, etc. During the academic year 2005-06, B.Com syllabus was revised and a project work was introduced instead of the practical record.

M.Com: This post graduate degree shall be called Master of Commerce. This PG course is started during the academic year 2003-04. The duration of the M.Com Programme of study is two years divided in to four semesters consisting 16 weeks for each semester. At present the optional subject for M.Com is Financial Management. All paper carry 80 marks for written examination and 20 marks for internal assessment. From the academic year 2001-02 M.Com programme has been converted into semester system and more emphasis was given to papers like communication skill and investment management. The syllabus was revised during the year 2004.