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IQAC MEMBERS (2019-20)

Dr. Abbas T. P,

Dr. Ajmal Mueen.M.A,

Mr. Shafi.K.M,
Assistant Coordinator

Ms. Hanna Thasneem.S.K, Faculty Member,
Assistant Coordinator

Dr. Aboobacer Mangattuchali
Faculty Member

Ms. Beena Cherian
Faculty Member

Mr. Shukoor.K.H,
Faculty Member

Ms. Shameera. P,
Faculty Member

Mr. Shibu C. G
Faculty Member

Mr. Basheer Thattanchery
Administrative Staff

Mr. Abdullakoya Haji, Member,
Management Committe

Mr. Limseer Ali
External Expert, MES Ponnani College

Mr. Abdul Razak. P. K,
Local Society

Mr. Kunhan Master,
Ward Concillor,
Mukkam Muncipality

Mr. Hasnul Banna, Alumni President

College Union Chairman

Composition Of The IQAC