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Walk With a Scholar

Walk With a Scholar Programme

The Government of Kerala had launched the Walk With a Scholar (WWS) programme in the Government Arts and Science colleges during the year 2012 -13. The programme extended to all the aided Arts and Science colleges in 2014-15. It has been observed that the students in arts, science and commerce colleges do not get necessary orientation to prepare them for employment or guidance necessary to select areas for higher study. Walk With a Scholar programme proposes to arrange specialized mentoring programme for students in Under Graduate programmes in arts, science and commerce to provide guidelines for their career. The scheme introduces the idea of mentoring and builds on the concept of mentor as a “Guide and Friend”. The directorate of collegiate education is implementing the programme.

Structure of the programme

  • The college council should function as a monitoring committee for the programme
  • Programme should have a college level coordinator and the coordinator should function in consultation with the principal and college council
  • Thirty students of the first year degree programme alone are to be included in the scheme
  • For the purpose of mentoring two categories of mentors are to be identified. One will be ‘Internal Mentor’ and second will be ‘external mentor’
  • The internal mentor has to be a faculty from the institution. Each internal mentor will be in charge of six students. So an institution admitting thirty students in WWS scheme must identify five internal mentors

External mentors are to be identified from persons working in industry as well as from professions like Engineering, Medicine, Architecture, Law, Hospitality, Media, Business, Teaching and Administration or from any field as found necessary according to the local needs of the institution / students.