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Council is the Statutory Body that makes strategic decisions on all academic and discipline related issues in the . The Council has all Head of the Departments and two Nominated Members as its members.


  1. Dr. Abbas T. P,  Principal
  2. Mr.Shukoor.K.H,  Council Secretary
  3. Ms.Beena Cherian
  4. Dr.Aboobacker Mangattuchali
  5. Dr.Ajmal Mueen M A
  6. Ms.M.P.Jyothilakshmi
  7. Dr.P.M.Mini
  8. Dr.Ambili.M.K
  9. Dr. Mumtas P. K
  10. Ms.Rukkiyya.V.P
  11. Ms.Minnath.T.A
  12. Muhammed Rashid.P.M
  13. Mr. O.M. Abdurahiman
  14. Ms. Brijila M V
  15. Ms.Shareena.P.P
  16. Ms.HannaThasneem
  17. Mr.Mujeeburahiman.A.K
  18. Mr.Lukman.A
  19. Ms.Jesbira